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Upcoming PTR for Patch 1.4.0, Heart of the Swarm Info, Poll of the Month

So Blizzard has a huge list of changes, additions, and fixes for the next patch for Wings of Liberty, 1.4.0. You can read the list here.

Some key things to take away for gameplay changes:

- Vision when going up ramps for units is reduced by 1.
- Immortal Attack Range +1.
- Blink Research time increased by 30 seconds.
- Barracks Build time increased by 5 seconds.
- Hellion’s “blue flame” upgrade’s bonus damage is reduced by 5.
- Ultralisk Build time reduced by 15 seconds.

I feel like most people can get behind a lot of these changes. We’ll have to see how vision when going up ramps plays out. Immortal Attack Range will allow them to be more competitive with Collosi. Blink’s increased research time is going to to give Protoss less of a chance for early Stalker Blink Harass early on. The Barracks time increase is minor but will screw with Terran build orders slightly and cause more grief against 6 Pools. The Hellion’s Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade being nerfed will help prevent situations where a Terran could run a few Hellions in with the upgrade and take out all the workers in just a few short seconds. And finally, it will be interesting to see if the Ultralisk build time being cut by close to 1/4 will encourage more use of them.

There are so many changes coming up in the new patch we won’t address them all. When the Patch is finally released, we will post a listing of all the changes as always.

While there hasn’t been a ton of news on Heart of The Swarm, there are some things to acknowledge.

- The game probably will not be out until Spring 2012 at the earliest.
- The Map Store will be brought in around or after the release of the expansion, allowing user created maps to earn profit for the authors.
- Blizzard DOTA is coming around the same release time. Whether or not it will be a map players will have to pay for is unknown.
- The expansion may cost less than Wings of Liberty. But we’ll see.
- More info will be coming during Blizzcon which is October 21st and 22nd.

Here are the results from our last Poll of the Month. It seems that 2/3rds are interested in the new approach while the last third want the focus to remain without the hero unit showing up in the armies every mission.

Are you for or against the Hero-centric campaign in Heart of The Swarm?

  • For it. (66%)
  • Against. (34%)

Total Votes: 65

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Our next poll asks about multiplayer units in Heart of the Swarm. Blizzard is planning on adding or replacing units in the multiplayer line up for each race and make the multiplayer separate from Wings of Liberty. Would you like to see some old units from StarCraft and Brood War make a return, or would you prefer new units to be showing up in multplayer?

For Heart of the Swarm's Multiplayer, would you rather see more old units come back or new units brought in?

  • More completely new units. (35%)
  • Both! (35%)
  • More old units. (30%)

Total Votes: 51

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