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Allied With Computer 4on4 BGH, except your 3 allies are computers. – Submitted by (NC)BOBATSC 1 Brood War 128×128
Movie by TYph0N A nice movie, although it has a lot of text. – Submitted by TYph0N 1 StarCraft 128×64
Aliens Based on the movie Aliens where the
marines go into the Alien hive looking for survivors then Ripley goes to the rescue in
the APC. Has custom music so it’s a big file. – Submitted by Nige12
1 Brood War 128×96
Adventure: Field of Dreams A single player map based on a Xel’Naga shapeshifter who aims to revive his race. – Submitted by aDuN tOr!dA$ 1 Brood War 256×256
Planet Fury You and your computer ally must take back a planet that is covered with Zerg and Protoss. Submitted by funkydima 1 Brood War 96×96
The Relics Of The Xel’Naga A single player campaign about Tassadar’s brother resurrecting him. Contains 8 maps. Submitted by Tassadar124 1 Brood War
UGF StarCraft Campaign A UMS campaign set a couple thousand years after Brood War. Most of the missions have the player in control of a combined Protoss/Terran force, a la Protoss Mission 10 in the original StarCraft. A total of 21 missions, three of which are hidden. Submitted by StarSword 1 Brood War
Another D By Me 3 A one-player defense map that might seem hard at first. Submitted by proteinboy 1 Brood War 96×96
Trench Warfare Lots of nukes, snipes, and rushes! 2 Brood War 128×128
Holy StarCraft Build, upgrade, and kill! – Submitted by iYouth 2 Brood War 128×128
Deoblo Ghetto Diablo 2 RPG. – Submitted by Darkmarc 3 Brood War 64×128
Gaijin’s Claustrophobia Similar to the Art of Defense map, defend against the comp attacks. – Submitted by ~Omega 3 StarCraft 64×256
Showdown of Families A map based on the Dynasty Warriors series. – Submitted by GuanPing-Shu- 3 Brood War 192×192
Terran Destructive Forces A rip-off of Marine Special Forces, but it’s a cool map! – Sent in by [G]Primantis! 4 StarCraft 96×96
King of Survival 2 Whip your opponents’ @$$ while saving your own. – Sent in by Freezdragon! 4 Brood War 96×96
A Day at School:Field Trip A very hard RPG. – Submitted by Clumistar 4 StarCraft 128×128
Marine Blood A nice and simple 2v2 Marine madness map. – Submitted by [DeAtH]cHaOs 4 StarCraft 64×64
Demons Within vFull A dark power has rissen from the depths of our soals, and has taken a more physical form. Four unlikely heroes are the only hope for humanity to survive, and for sin, greed, and evil to be destroyed. – Submitted by :-:sublime:-: 4 StarCraft 256×192
Special Forces Survive against the computers. – Submitted by [DeAtH]cHaOs 4 StarCraft 64×64
Pirana Fishing Mind Control the “fish” as they pop up! – Submitted by Security-CO 4 Brood War 96×64
LIL-B’s Terran D A difficult Terran defense map – Submitted by jra0261 4 StarCraft 128×128
Unreal Arena River Rush A lasertag/sniping map with heroes and special abilities. – Submitted by mikkoxx 4 Brood War 128×128
Tag Team BNF Based on the Builders and Fighters map, but this lets you choose who gets to fight. – Sent in by WarMachine[DL] 4 StarCraft 96×96
GunWars Use civilians to get heroes and kill your enemies. – Sent in by Alextus 4 Brood War 64×96
Special Abilities Tutorial A map that teaches new players about special abilities. – Sent in by ThEpEsT 4 Brood War 64×64
The Queen of Blades Protoss and Terran team up to defeat Kerrigan and her Cerebrates. – Sent in by Jonathan Rutherford 4 Brood War 192×192
Zealot Fight A 2on2 where you must upgrade your Zealots and destroy your enemy’s system controller. – Sent in by s58460 4 Brood War 64×64
Snow Warz! v1.01 Throw snowballs and kill your friends! Figure out the best way to pwn others! – Sent in by UnholyUrine 4 Brood War 64×64
Dragon Island RPG 2 You must fight your way throught several islands. Kill the dragons that have nested there and help people on the way. – Sent in by Shadow_Killa18 4 Brood War 256×256
Escape to the Theatre Avoid the police and get to the theatre. – Sent in by visitthebum 4 StarCraft 128×128
StarCraft- Chaos A 4v4 comp game with a story. – Sent in by Killer_Kow 4 Brood War 192×192
Choice Defense Defend eight lanes using your choice of units. – Submitted by Veritaserum 4 Brood War 128×128
Metal Arms Combat A map based on the console game and features many of the weapons from it. – Submitted by ET_No_Like_You 4 Brood War 128×192
Marine Tug of War v3.01b A 2v2 where a column of marines fight in the middle to push through to the other side. – Submitted by Janook 4 Brood War 64×96
All Out War v1 This map is kind of like bunker wars, except on here instead of upgrades or evolving you get civs to spend and buy stuff like nukes, and units. It has rescuable units in the middle. These are important because they keep people from just hiding at their base. – Submitted by Marauder21 4 StarCraft 128×128
Diablo 2, Act 4, Quest 3 Kill Diablo in this pretty easy RPG. – Sent in by Kyle 5 Brood War 192×192
Doomed Quest RPG A very cool RPG. – Sent in by Skooshy22! 5 Brood War 128×128
Magic the Gathering Like the card game, you get “mana” to “buy” more units. – Sent in by Freezdragon! 5 Brood War 96×96
Magic the Gathering Enigma Another version of MTG. – Sent in by Nemisus! 5 Brood War 96×96
Zelda 64 Popular madness map. – Sent in by Freezdragon! 5 StarCraft 64×64
DBZ Frieza’s Attack One of the most popular DBZ RPGs. – Sent in by Yanksrule1214! 5 Brood War 256×256
Starship Troopers Gold A survival map where you and all your allies got to survive. – Sent in by Kaboby! 5 Brood War 64×64
Western Domination A cool map where you have to take over the world. – Sent in by Feruk! 5 Brood War 256×256
Team Sunken Defense With 15 lurkers and 25 sunken colonies, you must work with your allies to stop any enemies from breaking through. – Sent in by GhostNuker! 5 Brood War 64×128
Defend The Temple Defend the temple from invaders! Many hidden secrets and events! – Sent in by Hirokage! 5 StarCraft 96×96
Lurker Defense 4.1 Stop the enemies from penetrating your Lurkers. – Sent in by 2Hunters! 5 Brood War 64×128
Grand Theft Auto v4 Uh…I think you’re supposed to kill things. – Sent in by Cool692! 5 Brood War 128×128
Vampire RPG An RPG where you have to kill Dracula and his minions. – Sent in by G~LiMpHyDrA~S 5 Brood War 256×256
5 Unlucky Travelers An RPG in the installation tileset. – Sent in by G~LiMpHyDrA~S 5 StarCraft 256×256
Starship Troopers Escape I think you have to run to the finish. – Sent in by PickleHunter291 5 StarCraft 64×64
Lil Block Fort A cool map like Zone Control but you get to choose your units. – Sent in by LiL_bAd_DuCk 5 Brood War 64×64
Triumph 2009: Bug Reckoning Defend yourself from bugs until dropships arrive. Submitted by scblake 5 Brood War 96×96
Monastary Ruins RPG Avenge the destruction of a monastary. Submitted by Cap’n_$niffies 5 Brood War 128×128
Ozubkoj’s D&D RPG A 5 player RPG where players work together to complete quests. Submitted by xtreamgamerblue 5 StarCraft 256×256
Simpson’s Special RPG A Simpsons RPG map which requires good teamwork. Submitted by funzempire. 5 Brood War 192×192
DnD Dark Heroes 3 A Dungeons & Dragons RPG where you play as the evil side. Submitted by Adam1231. 5 Brood War 192×192
Ozubkoj’s D&D 2 v1.0 A 5 player Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Submitted by Jason. 5 StarCraft 256×256
Demons of Tavhar RPG A very hard RPG with lots of tough bosses. Submitted by Sukodin221. 5 Brood War 256×256
Saint Seiya RPGs A zip file which contains 3 RPG maps based on the anime series Knights of Zodiac (Saint Seiya). Submitted by MK-MiLo. 5 Brood War 192×192
Evil Heroes RPG 1 Join a dark lord to fight off the humans. Submitted by Darklord[iM]. 5 Brood War 192×192
Zig Zag Defence Two different defences (SCV and Probe) with 22 levels. Dial-up users beware…huge download. Submitted by baamos14. 5 Brood War 96×96
MTG MaguS Edition V2 (8_3) An MTG map with a Magic card as the background. Submitted by Paul. 5 Brood War 128×128
Run and Gun v4.5 Like Cat and Mouse. Choose from 5 different units for attackers and 13 different units for the runners. Submitted by Warstar_craft. 5 Brood War 64×64
Resadent Evil Cranbrook B.C. Based on Resident Evil Apocalypse. Similar to “Art of Defence” maps. Submitted by Bultar. 5 Brood War 128×128
Creepy Mansion v1.1 You have been forced against your will to complete a series of challenges in
a haunted mansion for your entertainment value. Can you survive? Submitted by LazyCoder.
5 Brood War 128×128
Knights of the Round Table RPG v1.03 A historically inaccurate RPG that has you do quests to “level up” and slay Emperor Lucius at the end of a 90 minute timer. Submitted by muffin.king. 5 Brood War 256×256
Unreal Tournament Madness A madness map based on the game Unreal Tournament. 5 Brood War 64×64
Toad’s Turret Defense A popular missile defense map where you can build turrets and buy heroes. 6 Brood War 128×128
Protect Deckard Cain The ultimate version of PTQ made by me! Diablo 2 style complete with heal crystals, bomb crystals, and bosses! 6 Brood War 64×64
Protect the Jack It’s another version of Protect the Queen. A lot better and funner. 6 Brood War 64×64
Protect Kenny Ahh…yet another version of PTQ…based on South Park. – Submitted by Chaos(bte) 6 Brood War 64×64
Starship Troopers The classic map where you have to defend yourself against the “bugs”. 6 StarCraft 128×128
Dodge the Nuke Have the ghosts nuke the critters while avoiding them. 6 Brood War 64×64
God’s Land Deluxe A really weird UMS Free-for-all. 6 Brood War 128×128
Final Fantasy Warz You cast spells and stuff to kill your opponents. – Submitted by HolyChaos 6 Brood War 128×128
The Pootang Project A huge Melee style UMS maps for rookies and veterans. 6 StarCraft 256×256
Dark Woods RPG v2.4 A nice and small RPG. – Submitted by BurgerKing! 6 Brood War 64×64
Golem Madness IXI A jacked up Golem Madness map. – Submitted by Tha Shirow! 6 Brood War 64×64
Super Defense Fast Build v3 A hard map where wave after wave of monsters attack and you have to survive. – Submitted by Mike! 6 Brood War 128×128
Dragoon Farm Choose Race Kill your opponents with Dragoons! – Submitted by Azn_Gotenks! 6 StarCraft 96×96
3v3 Shared Bases Advanced Just like the melee version but with advanced terrain, 15 minute no rush countdown timer, more added triggers, and more. – Submitted by Shahrumanthonya! 6 StarCraft 96×96
Ghost Nuke Madness Nuke your enemies while avoiding their nukes. – Submitted by Lue54 6 StarCraft 64×64
Zergling Blood Nuclear Winter A Zergling madness map with nukes. – Submitted by G~LiMpHyDrA~S 6 Boord War 96×96
Commando Wars Gold v.1.06 Use Marines to kill your opponents. Then trade em in for almost any unit in the game! – Submitted by nemtoad 6 StarCraft 96×64
Air-Ground Defense Defend against air and ground units. – Submitted by Plasma 6 Brood War 96×96
Team Build Matrix 2 Way A matrix map…I think. – Submitted by Coolaboy113 6 Brood War 96×128
The Undead Apocalypse Defend yourself against undead. – Submitted by Peazel 6 Brood War 128×128
Team Micro Arena 2x Speed A map where two teams work together to defeat each other. Units move and attack twice as fast as normal. – Submitted by Csaw 6 Brood War 64×64
OMFG The Tassadars You and your allies must defend your base against an onslaught of Tassadars. – Submitted by scblake 6 Brood War 128×128
Beach Head 2004 A defense map based on the PC game Beach Head. – Submitted by john mclean 6 StarCraft 64×64
Mind Control Defense Use mind controlled units to defend yourself. – Submitted by Matt Rogers 6 Brood War 128×128
Dragonball Z All Sagas Train and fight the enemies from every DBZ saga. – Submitted by MH-Night 6 Brood War 256×256
Laptop Bound A bound map with custom sounds. – Submitted by toughbot 6 Brood War 128×128
DBZ Budokai 2 Go full power and destory enemy DBZ
fighters to the death with your own unique skills. – Submitted by tom.morrisont
6 Brood War 64×64
Half-Life Escape 2.5 A defense map based on Half-Life, where the game gets harder every seven minutes. – Submitted by hunterkiller77 6 StarCraft 96×96
LoTr RpG 1-3 You embark on a quest to destroy the one ring while being hindered on your journey by various creatures that can be found in the lands of Middle-Earth. – Submitted by bradteets 6 Brood War 256×256
Evil RPG 2 [Earth] Finish what you have started. – Submitted by Evil.Zerg.USA 6 StarCraft 192×192
Evil RPG 2 [Space] In space, only those who get in your way scream. – Submitted by Evil.Zerg.USA 6 StarCraft 192×192
Streets Of Rage Mass A madness map with characters from Streets of Rage. – Submitted by DeadlyYankees89 6 StarCraft 64×64
Hellary Bound A hard bound mad with lots of choices. – Submitted by Kow_Lover 6 Brood War 96×96
Dollar Bound Contains 28 rather easy obstacles. Submitted by moneys2 6 Brood War 192×192
Final Fantasy Defence V1.15 Use Final Fantasy 6, 7, and Tactics characters to defeat enemies from the same game. – Submitted by muffin.king 6 Brood War 128×128
Final Fantasy Madness Choose between FF7, 8, 9 and 10 buy heroes and dominate the other team. – Submitted by |3ack-|3ahamut 6 Brood War 128×128
FF7 Defense 2.8 Fairly hard defense map, 20+ heroes, 5 secret characters and much more. – Submitted by |3ack-|3ahamut 6 Brood War 128×128
Heroes III v2 Claim gold-mines and expand your great empire. – Submitted by Canardh 6 Brood War 256×192
Bloodlust Bound v1.1 You have 4 minutes to get to the antidote. You will find 2
minor antidotes along the way which will buy you 3 minutes each, however…
it requires at least 2 people to obtain them. The theme of this bound map
is that of the movie Saw II. The obstacles are relatively easy, however you
must go through them quickly before the timer runs out. – Submitted by ansichart@useast
6 Brood War 64×64
Dead Invasion RPG Has night and day features. – Submitted by Mp)Legend 6 Brood War 128×128
Zergling Blood Madness 1.06 A pretty popular madness map. – Sent in by Timothy! 7 Brood War 96×96
WWF Smackdown 1.00 A 7 player arena map. – Sent in by dinohunter! 7 Brood War 96×96
SCV Footbal League 3on3 SCV football. – Sent in by mrumfolo! 7 StarCraft 64×64
Esacap From Lab Run away from red! – Sent in by MammothMkII{DD}! 7 Brood War 64×64
Wind Bound A more difficult bound map where you have to get through a set of obstacles. – Sent in by Windscarr 7 StarCraft 64×64
Helms Deep .v PeazeL A Helms Deep defense game…sorta like Battle of Helms Deep. – Sent in by scblake 7 Brood War 96×128
Infernal Pit Keep right clicking to avoid being sucked into the infernal pit. Runs on 4x speed and has a unique map size of 20×13 so the whole map fits on one screen. – Sent in by Referee 7 Brood War 20×13
Ant Farm A collection of three Ant Farm maps. – Sent in by DeaDPleX 7 Brood War 96×96
Zone Control This is one of my favorite UMS maps. You kill to get money and try to gain as many zones as possibe. With sunken colonies. 8 StarCraft 64×64
$niper Paintball Paintball sniper style! -Sent in by Mewtwo789! 8 StarCraft 64×64
Total Madness ’99 Very cool madness map. – Sent in by MachoBeast! 8 StarCraft 64×64
Choose Your Ranchers Choose your rancher isntead of having the same one as everyone else. – Sent in by ~Vegtto~! 8 Brood War 96×96
Build and Command Cows With your partner, you must raise an army and destroy your opponents. – Sent in by Overideboy 8 Brood War 192×192
Mixed Rancher 1.2 Latest version of Mixed Ranchers. – Sent in by Torrasque(BW) 8 Brood War 128×192
DBZ Madness 8 player free-for-all madness map. – Sent in by Torrasque(BW) 8 StarCraft 96×96
~TBK’s~ Ghost’s Only A 2v2v2v2 that is just like melee except all you can build are Ghosts. – Sent in by ~TBK~Kirby^]sV[ 8 StarCraft 96×96
Hydra Rancher v7.2 A madness map where you upgrade and build special units to take out your opponents. – Sent in by [SD]ZeRo_Co0L 8 StarCraft 64×64
World War 3 A huge melee style 4 humans vs 4 comps map. – Sent in by bagatta 8 StarCraft 256×256
DBZ A DBZ map that plays like melee but with some extra goodies. – Sent in by Matthew 8 Brood War 128×128
Turret Defense Build Missile Turrets to stop the enemy air units from getting by. – Sent in by Calvin 8 Brood War 64×64
The Mass Game A normal madness type map with teams of two and the charactors are different. You get anything from Star Wars to royal knights. – Sent in by Shadow_Killa18 8 Brood War 128×128
Criminal Mastermind v1.1 It is a criminal mastermind and his cronies trapped in a building with 7 S.W.A.T. Commandos. Who will win? This map is impossible to win without 8 players (7 if you are good). Submitted by Mob Barley 8 Brood War 128×128
Guerilla Warfare Use the terrain to your advantage in order to eliminate your enemies. Submitted by bagohammers89 8 StarCraft 256×256
Classic Maps Collection A collection of 8 old, popular StarCraft maps (mostly RPGs). – Sent in by Cap’n_$niffies
Misteeq Bound Collection A collection of 15 Bound maps made by Misteeq. – Sent in by David Lin
Twizted Anthology A collection of three “Twizted” series maps, a melee
style map with random events based on a timer. The players must defeat
their opponents while keeping themselves alive from the events. – Submitted by |3lack-|3ahamut.
Attack on the Confederacy The Overmind is in it’s final stages of incubation! Defend it and wipe out the Confederate scum who aim to destroy your mastermind! Submitted by pr0nogo.
Attack on the Dominion Fenix and Raynor duke it out with the Dominion. Starting with a small task force, you must destroy the enemy bases and establish ones of your own to combat the much larger threat. Submitted by pr0nogo.
Dark Isle 2 Version 2.3 The sequel to the original map contest winning Dark Isle RPG! It won it’s own map contest in January 2010. Submitted by XxBloodRedxX.

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