StarCraft – General Tips

Basic tips all players should know to be good in Starcraft.

– ALWAYS expand! Do not be afraid to!

– In the beggining of a game, some players first put their workers on minerals, and then build a worker. I build a worker first, then put them on minerals.

– Against comp, ALWAYS build defense.

– Against human in a no rush game, do not build tower or choke point defense. It wastes time, money, food, and it’s not needed. Just have anti-air detection towers (eg. Missile Turrets) scattered around your base.

– ALWAYS have detectors handy

-Always use a high speed broadband connection to avoid game lag and have an advantage over those on slower connections.

– When attacking, ALWAYS leave units behind in your base.

– When attacking, go for the workers, supplies, and key production buildings.

– As Zerg, build Nydus Canals in your expansions. This allows quick back-up against attacks.

– NEVER attack without detectors.

– NEVER have more than 2 workers per mineral field, and 4 workers per geyser.

– Attacking with a mix of units is more effective than attacking with bunches of the same unit.

– Combining spells with attacks can greatly increase your chance of winning a battle.

– Be prepared for anything.

– Go Overlord hunting with Devourers, Corsairs, and Valkyries. Zerg players often put all their Overlords in the back of their bases, near their primary resource area.

– Cloaked units work well against humans early in the game.

– As Terrans, ALWAYS build a comsat on your first Command Center; NEVER a Nuclear Silo.

– Against Zerg, don’t bother attacking Larva or Eggs. Attack eggs only if you have strong units.

– Always keep your eye on your food.

– Trick your opponents by doing a small attack with air, and after he/she spends tons of money on anti-air, do a massive ground attack, or vise-versa.

– As Terran, don’t nuke buildings unless you have more than one nuke available. If you only have one, go for units (nuking a bunch of burrowed units kicks pompis!).

– When playing big money maps, always do frequent attacks on your opponent to wear him down.

– Attacking 1 unit at a time is a lot more effiective then having all your units attack different things. To do this, use the shift key. Hold down shift while issuing commands, and your units will finish each one before moving on to the next.

– A very cheap, but useful, tactic is to parasite critters (especially kakarus because they fly). The critter will walk around the whole map for you, and when near enemy defense, it will not get attacked!

– If your Protoss, mind control enemy workers so you can start a new race! Recommended only for games when you have an ally. – Submitted by ?

– If you are Zerg, burrow Zerglings at all the resource areas; its cheap and easy; so when they expand there, go kill the expansion before it is up.
P.S. Try burrowing it at the place the person is likely to put his townhall. You will be surprised at how many people never knew that the problem was a burrownd Zergling, especially if you went random. – Submitted by [G]Primantis!

– When Fighting zerg you can always run in and try to kill as many overlords as humanly or alienly possible! This will mak it so that the zerg cannot produce more units for a little while! – Submitted by Goldenjack9!

– When your toss and have dark archons with Mind Control, don’t waste it on stupid units like marines use it for the big units like bc or carriers imagin 6 carriers commin for your base u have 6 darcharchons mind comtroll all of them to pi$$ him off lol – Submitted by [G]Primantis!

– When your playing against humans, it is a good idea to not only defend your sides from drops but to put defense by your workers so your oponents guys just dont fly right by your turrets and into your workers – Submitted by [G]Primantis!

– As Terran, first build supply depots (3) at your front entrance. After that build bunkers (3) behind the depots. Put marines in the bunkers and the protoss zealots will run away when you hit them. – Submitted by Sherman

– When I start out with the protoss use a maphack (“yuck” – CreepColony) or hurry and find their base. After that I make a pylon in front of the opponents base and make photon cannons in front of them. They can’t get through very easily! You have to cover their perimeter though. A good strategy against everyone! – Submitted by Pmkkim

– After joining or creating a game (doesn’t matter if you start it), always resign on bnet if you’re gonna create or join another game.

– Spider Mines are semi-detectors (the actual spider mine can see cloaked units but the controller can’t) so use them as defense against nuking ghosts and sneaky dark templars. – Submitted by Aouro

– If you’re Terran and attacking with an army of air units, send in some flying buildings first as a decoy. – Submitted by Aouro

– For those of you who like to put a bunch of sunkens and and spore colonys in the front of ur base put the sunken in back and spore in front so that the spore can hit the air from the front and the sunkens can protect the spore from the back… – and if u like to surround your base with spores DONT- go spore spore spore sunken spore spore spore sunken…..etc – Submitted by Seminole425

– In $$$ maps, if you have a lot of money like 40,000+ minerals/gas, kill all your workers to get more supplies – Submitted by zeLOT`~[DK]

– If you play a use map settings map that has 255 upgrades make upgrade centers first (Forges, Evolution Chambers, or Engieering Bays) and never stop upgrading. This will secure your victory but make sure to make men. – Submitted by David

– Build a pylon then build forges well in front of the pylon then behind the pylon build cannons. It’s a duplicate of Terran’s but it works or make cannons then in front of each cannon always put pylon’s – Submitted by ~ng~krysten~ng~

– When being terran build 3 supply depots and bunkers and so on. Then start a new set of supply depots,bunkers,sigetanks and turrents. This will help u worry less about your defense because u have enough back up. Also have turrents and bunkers around the perimeter of your base which really help and get ready to kick some a$$. – Submitted by {EXS}Recon_7

– When you go big like carriers or battle cruisers always build more starports,gateways,stargates,ect. When you have enough money you build men in each one of the buildings which cuases more mass production. So you dont have stand there lkie and idiot build one 5 things at a time in one building and kick some a$$ instead. – Submitted by {EXS}Recon_7

– If you are playing a shared bases game, in the beggining, you know how they call out top or bottom? Call out the opposite side you are on, this way you dont have to scout to know what race they are. – Submitted by =drunk_n_tiger=

– Make sure that before u go attack a comp or another person that u have a good defense becuz if u dont and your attack fails then the comp will retaliate – Submitted by PimpMaster510368

– This is a cool thing to do with toss. First get a few Dts and GET MAD KILLS! Then just join em into a Dark Archon. The Archon will have the kills of both the Dts stuck toghether. Might alredy know this but WTF? who cares? – Submitted by Cugel

– Always make a combination attack!Don’t just rely on your air assault or on your ground.Try to use them both by attacking infront by ground assault with a small combination of air assault then try to sneak at the back with an air aasault this will give your opponent a good distraction,and always try to make a back up by clicking on your structures that produces units before making an attack for easy reinforcement. – Submitted by Dennis Catoc

– This one is called the bluff. it will only work on human players. first gather as much minerals as you want to build as much bunkers as you want. spread them out away from your base but not too far. put 1 marine in some of them and put 4 firebats in the other(in case they find out your bluffing)that way they walk up to your bunker and bamn they’re toasted. now they should retreat most attacks thinking you have a very high defense. – Submitted by cRe8zNbOi

– In BGH maps when you have reached your limit and have excess cash…like heaps….build tonnes of overlords….They dont add to your limit…..ANd they take enemy fire while your other units are laying the smack down on him… – Submitted by Brad

– *Dont BackStab unless its necessary ( for instance,if an ally attacked u)

*Dont be stupid! Figure out what ur opponent is trieng to pull off, if hes not pulling off anything, well then, forget this tip..


*When in a well known channel, that is infact yours, always be cautious and bring a bot to obtain ops..

*If for some reason your opponent has a huge army and has a defense you could not get through, and…umm….WELL FIGURE IT OUT!

*Be a happy moo moo =)

*DONT BE A FUDGIN TARD! which means Dont be a f’ing Retard!

*COME TO THIS SITE EVERY DAY! – All submitted by sHiZoT

– When you have protoss and you make a big attack, make sure to bring a prob than, when attacking, build a pylon and somes shield batterys so you can recharge your inits and attack at the same time!!!next, build some photon canons to take the control of the place. – Submitted by UnDeAd_Spawn

– If you are playing a rush game,your enemy will most likly only have 4 scv mining until it has 150. so you can scv rush them-just get 10 scv and go to their base and attack! You’ll win in least than 3 minute! (by this this time they will only have about 3 scv mining and 1 just finish build a barrick or what you call it) – Submitted by Luou

– Ever gotten annoyed by enemy forces? Get some sort sort of strong yet expendable unit(zealot) and lure the enemy to another enemys base. Watch them fight! – Submitted by battlesword

– Ok, to reduce lag during a game… simply turn off sound (Ctrl+S) music (Ctrl+M) and potraits (The little moving picture). This will cause less lag cuz sound and music wouldnt b transfered in the game. NOTE: i reccomend doing all of these except the SOUND. DO THIS BECAUSE U MITE NOT KNOW WHEN SOME1 IS LAUNCHING A NUKE!!! – Submitted by MarineBrigade

– If for some reason your opponent is turtling (going mass defense), he’s probably a newbie. Usually he’ll leave a space for a drop. If you’re toss, instead of dropping, recall and dweb all their defense. Sit back and watch the carnage.. – Submitted by -Cake-

– This really only works against cpu… and if u have a partner…Have 1 guy send an scv to your opponets base and just start to attack… when u have the minerals attention…. they will chase after you to kill you…. run you @$$ out of there to a remote end of te map… and u just basically halted the entire cpu’s production… with 1 scv/probe/drone… if u have a partner, he is now free to attack the cpu – Submitted by James

– If you are a newbie and have heard that defense helps! Your wrong! The best Defense is Offense!!! By building men at the start of a game, instead of building tons of defense(Cannons or Sunken Colonie’s) You would be able to kill any left men surrounding your base for a next attack! So, what I mean is with men as defense, you can be saved from an even larger attack, which will come in the next couple of minutes, unless you have completely scared your opponnent off!(Only happens in a Melee type w/ over 2 players!) – Submitted by {GH}Kornkob

– When going for an air attack.. send in one or two “scouts from one side… give em a minit or two to kill those on one side of the base, then attack from the other side… works best with big maps. – Submitted by tG`CmpGd~]BRU[~

– When your zerg you will almost NEVER need more than two sunkens. With zerg’s production speed, their defense is their offense and units are the only thing that matter. The same goes with toss and terran, except on a smaller scale. – Submitted by Pack.A.Lunch

– If your your on a really quick rush 7on1, 6on1, 5on1, etc. always be zerg for quck lings. – Submitted by silver’ crusier

– If your not a newb, than you probably already know, but ALWAYS make 3 forges, 3 evolution chambers, and 2 engineering bays so you can upgrade everything at once.
Also do this for anything else you want to upgrade FAST and use this for barracks, gateways or whatever so you can build more people at one time. – Submitted by Pure2k1

– Don’t hack! – Submitted by Soy_Bomb

– Never let your guard down. – Submitted by Shadow Breaker23

– Don’t focus about makeing only one strong expensive unit, if your oponent knows how to counter them u r in trouble. – Submitted by Shadow Breaker23

– Make defense and offence equaly. – Submitted by Shadow Breaker23

– Ensnare/Plague cloaked units to see them. – Submitted by KrillinKC

– Parasite Carriers/BC’s to annoy your enemy. if (s)he runs that ship from his/her base, it’s an ez kill. – Submitted by KrillinKC

– Burrow a few units outside of the enemy’s base so you know when they’re attacking. also, burrow units just outside of your base for tank ambuses (some terrans are smart and scan the outside of your base before attacking. if (s)he does, burrow your units even further out because that is most likely where (s)he’ll seige his/her tanks.) – Submitted by KrillinKC

– Broodling tanks and templars. – Submitted by KrillinKC

– At the beginning of the game, clone your workers to gather minerals. (to clone: 1. select all workers, 2. right click on a mineral patch, shift and click on the wireframe of 1 of your selected workers, 4.repeat steps 2-3 until you have only 1 worker selected. if you don’t understand how this works, just try it and you will.) THEN build your 5th worker. – Submitted by KrillinKC

– This works for both Zerg and Protoss. Just use your probe/drone and go into the enemy base. Find his gas geyser and make a gas above it. Only works for toss/zerg cause they dont need to build their buildings but they build themselfes. Your enemy will then either have to use his workers to kill the building and waste time or wait for military units. – Submitted by Da~Warbringer

– Irridate- If your oppenent casts this on on of your gusy with high hp or is not biological jsut run the infected unit into a group or your opponents biological units and it will kill them as well. – Submitted by [G]Primantis

– Dark Swarm- if the other player casts this over hes ranged units for protection from some of your defense just go under it with him wil your guys too, you might nto be able to hit him but u wont get hit either (send in melee dudes liek bats/lings to really pi$$ him/her off lol) – Submitted by [G]Primantis

– Psi Storm- this might be tricky to pull off, but if u surrond a templar sometimes the other player might target one of the units by him and kill him self as well(works well with lings cause there fast) – Submitted by [G]Primantis

– Parasite- ok so the other player parasited one of your good units and u dont wanna waste him, so heres what to do (without meds, or with u choose). first get a few units that might be of some threat to your oppenent then gather them with the infected unit (now the otehr player can see your force) after this send them on route to his/her base or expansion, now this is where the real fun begins.. the other player will most likely divert all their attention to defending the base ur goin attack with the parasited units. now take your real force and send it to their other base, odds are they wont be suspecting this attack hehe. (doesnt work to well for comps) – Submitted by [G]Primantis

– Don’t use scourge unless against carriers and battlecruisers, their way too expensive in gas, use them only if u have the gas and if you know that u have some mutas to finish the work, don’t try and let the scourge take the unit out if only 50 health is left. – Submitted by Champion69

– If you recall units, like reavers or dark templars, always put some air units like a few carriers or scouts with them, so you can recall more units at once (flying units can fit atop of ground units so they don’t take up extra space in the recall range). – Submitted by [DRH]AndaRaper

– When Playing agisnt zerg target these buldings in this order: Overlords (heh) Hydra Den, (Greater) Spire Spawning pool ultra cavern then the tech, never go for hatches because it wont work if you can get the tech down AND the hatches then they screwed, i would know i play Zerg a LOT. – Submitted by Ender~Xenocide

– Before you attack anyone, always send in a detector to see what you are up against. – Submitted by BFC19

– ALWAYS! I MEAN ALWAYS! YES, ALWAYS! ALWAYS USE SPELLS! Energy attacks will WIN YOU A GAME! like, your facing some newbie/weirdo who is actually trying to kill you with straight carriers/bcs, and you are terran, 6 ghosts can lock them ALL down, and send in like 10 wraiths and kill them, and then fly in and kill their workers. Or, if he is going mass hydras, you can use Irradiate! Same with mass mutas! I have used 8 science-vessels and destroyed entire armies of mutas. One game, my opponents were going mutas, and i and my partner almost WON because of irradiate! Same kind of thing with lockdown! And recall? Recall in reavers and then stasis everything air that attacks you! Or, as happened to one of my friends once, 8 arbs came into his base, and destroyed his nexus, because they just stasised everything! And ensare, which slows down enemies+their rate of fire, someone is attacking you, with, say, 5 doz. lings, and your lurks are about half-way done. What you do is, u take this queen, ensare them so they take a while to get to your base, and VIOLA! your lurks are done, and they are just arriving. Also, if you have BCs attacking a terran or zerg, bring along some medics, and use Restoration when they get ensared, or plagued, or attacked by devs (acid spores) or locked down! When your opponent is attacking you with tons of ground ranged untis (hydras, goons, etc) besides splash damagers, use dark swarm on them, and send in 1-2 doz. lings! They get eaten alive, and ur lings never get hit! I hope this helps give you more skillz on spell-using, if not, then… Well, what would this game be coming to, if spells didn’t help? Good luck, and have fun! – Submitted by FoxLisk

– Do not play money maps, they do not require any strategy and they will make you get you lazy. Only join games that have the Blizzard check or Ladder symbol on them. – Submitted by Hector Z

– If,a terran opponent is puting spider mines all over the map, then have an overlord drop a zergiling.If a ton of mines are grouped then you’ll have gotten rid of a ton of mines. – Submitted by Someguy

– Build like a hatchery or more in front of the entrance so men can get throw and put def behind it. This works on many boards. – Submitted by -BW-Hydralisk

– Never just stare at the screen waiting for stuf to finsh building. Constantly be clicking and checking the minimap for stuff. – Submitted by bud316

– If you have an ally of a different race, try using some of yur spells and his spells together. Examples are: plague and emp against protoss, plague and yamato guns, plague and nukes, dark swarm and disruption web, and emp and nukes. The downside to this tactic is that attacks are kind of difficult to coordinate. – Submitted by matt

– Early in the game make your first building be a gateway/barracks/spawning pool and not a gas colecter such as a refinery. – Submitted by Hidden Dragon

– Don’t always go for mass something, always mix around with different units. This ensures you of winning the battle. – Submitted by Anthony K.

– If you find that your enemy is going mass defense, dont send units that will get killed by the defense, enstead sendd units that outrange the defense i.e. guardians, nukes, reavers, seige tanks, or if your protoss just disruption web. If your zerg place some dark swarms and burrow lurkers in the dark swarms to kill defense. Also when your using these def killers make sure to back them up or they will be killed. If you find that youir enemy keeps sending un ranged units at you and keeps dying on base def then you pretty much won the battle!(this tip works best on shared base maps). – Submitted by jammno

– When attacking with a large army (especially slow units like gardians) take a minute to spread them out BEFORE you attack. If you bunch your units up they can be picked off easilly by psi storm or irradiate… By spreading them out you will greatly reduce the damage caused by special’s like storm. Also try broodling templars before a large attack and for gods sake USE DEFILERS!!! They OWN!!! Just think if some stupid newbie decided to build cannons everywhere… just use dark swarm with zerglings and hydras and go kick pompis!!! – Submitted by TallonA111

– Attack with air a few times and then switch to land he should have more anti air by then and you can do more damage never attack with the same unit combos more then twice unless its really working.. (try land 1st then air it works 2) changing attacks can win u a game if u do it right. – Submitted by -=ShadowStorm=-

– If you’re Zerg, don’t cluster your overlords together. Spread them out over your base, your ally’s base and other key locations (like 2nd base spots). They not only provide you with detection of invisible units, good survalance of the map, only cost 100 minerals, and recon of whats happening, but become very useful, when you need to send units to clear out an enemy in any sector of the map. 2) Make it difficult for the enemy to kill all your farms all at once, which sucks. Valks and Corsairs are especailly good reasons to spread your farms out. – Submitted by Dustin

– For Protoss-Feel free to ask your allie to have permission to mind control his/her’s worker if he/she is a different race than you to build your own different race force easier. – Submitted by Weng Fung

– Use hotkeys as it might save you some time. Even though it saves you a few seconds, it is useful because the seconds would add up and that can give you a big difference between winning and loosing. – Submitted by Weng Fung

– Don’t always put defense at your entrance, but also put some at your mineral spot. And don’t forget to put detectors at the side. – Submitted by Anthony K.

– When making large attacks, start with ground units and then bring in the air force. This way the ground units can kill the missle turrets/spore colonies/photon cannons/bunkers – Submitted by overlord999

– Never, EVER, have only perimeter defense! Build Missile Turrets, Photon Cannons, etc. inside (and distributed around, of course) your base(s). If you only have turrets and units around the perimeter of your base(s), your enemy can sneak/run past them! – Submitted by Syntax_Error

– Don’t forget, always have advanced defense. Drop in some distruption webs to stop swarms of dragoons and scouts. When using zerg, don’t forget about the dark swarms. And when using Terran, EMP shockwave is great for protoss and blinding people is cool too. – Submitted by jabbermouth

– When playing as Terran, hotkey the ComSat Station (yes, you can do that!) to 0 or 9, whatever. Now, whenever you’re being attacked by Dark Templars, detection is only two keystrokes and a click away! – Submitted by Cataphract_40

– Focus your defence around your entire base (this dosn’t mean surround the perimiter of your base with cannons.) If you only defend your choke, expect and attack from the side. More improtantly units are much beter defence then structures, and micro, spells, and units are the best defence there is! – Submitted by DarkSaber

– If your attack is going nowhere, pull back, it’s not worth losing all your units. However, sometimes when you attack very frequently, you give up after about 6 attacks, right when your breaking your opponents back! – Submitted by Mark Berge

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