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StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Update Patch 1.5.1

Patch 1.5.1 is now live. It fixes some of the issues introduced by the massive 1.5.0 update.



- When navigating the Campaign page, a team mate joining matchmaking queue no longer cause a crash.
- Using Ctrl+F no longer cause the camera to follow the selected unit.
- Leaving a multiplayer game during loading screen no longer cause a crash.
- Fixed an issue that causing baselineCache.bin corrupted permanently.

- Fixed an issue that the profile page does not show the correct ladder information.
- Viewing the “Friends” section of Leagues and Ladders page no longer crashs the game.
- Hovering on the “Show More” button in Open Game list no longer displays incorrect text.
- The 1v1 match history no longer sometimes show incorrect data.
- The “My Leagues” page in the fast navigation window no longer show a spinning loading icon.


- Command+Click now correctly works as Right-Click.
- Disabling the system keyboard hotkeys no longer stuck at the exit screen.

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