Starcraft II Walkthrough: Mission by Mission

Mission: Zero Hour
Opponent: Zerg
New Tech: Bunker
Side missions: Rescue three units

This is the first mission played against an alien race (in this case, the zerg)

Key strategy here is preparing for the final zerg attack. Until the last couple of minutes, most of the zerg attacks are minor, and it’s easy to not pay too much attention/waste resources.

All you really need to do is build bunkers around the two entry points- about 5 on each will do to choke off the zerg from successfully entering.

To succeed on the side missions, focus on sending a group of ten or more marines (equipped with a few medics) to rescue the other colonists. Sending in groups of four or so will be a waste and will be unsuccessful.

Upon completion of this mission, you move from the bar onto the Hyperion space ship and select missions from the star map.

Mission: The Evacuation
Planet: Agria
Opponent: Zerg
New Tech: Firebats

You start off with control over the two firebats (new unit) and two medics. Move your troops to the beacon to take control of the colony.

At this point, you’ll have to escort the civilians every few minutes. The first escort is pretty simple, but don’t let that lull you into sleep. Be aggressive about getting resources (constantly build SCVs). You’ll want to build an additional barracks soon; I ended up building three in all.

Bunkers at the key junctions help more than you think. The zerg focus heavily on your men and not just the colonists.

Note: it’s much easier to beat the level with minimal casualties rather than waiting on the later escorts. The zerg become much stronger as the mission progresses. By the end, they’ll even have ultralisks.

Mission: Smash and Grab
Opponent: Zerg and Protoss
New Tech: Marauders

This level is fairly easy, provided you do not waste too many units. Crank up your SCVs at first; the initial raids by the Zerg are not too bad that your initial group of marauders/marines can handle. After gearing up production, build 2 more barracks and start pumping out men. A group of about 30-40 should be more than enough to take down the Protoss base and get the artifact.

Keep about 15 men in reserve to fend off zerg attacks. The zerg will also send mutalisks, so having a turret is helpful (keep in mind of your infantry units, only the marines can shoot down air opponents).

Mission: Outbreak
Planet Meinhoff:
Opponent: Zerg

This mission is a series of offense (during the day) and defense (at night). The strategy for this level involves limiting losses during the night. A key to doing so is constructing bunkers at the entrances (generally 3 is sufficient). Equip each set of bunkers with a SCV or two so it can repair it while it is under attack. Also, for your extra troops that are not in the bunker during the zerg attacks, initiate a ‘hold position’ order behind the bunkers. This way, your troops do not venture past the bunkers and become vulnerable to zerg attacks. This will save you dozens of troops if executed correctly.

Your main base will run out of minerals if you are not quick with this mission (you can build a secondary base at the top or bottom right, but those mineral fields are fairly small).

To kill the infestors (for the bonus zerg research), pay attention to where the infestors are at night. Then, during day, send out a team to stay near their site. When nightfall, try to kill them quickly. Do not send out a team at night to kill them; that’s suicide.

Mission: The Great Train Robbery
Planet: Tarsonis
Opponent: Dominion (Terran)
New Tech: Diamondback

This mission is quite different, since it is more about tactical attack strategy instead of resource gathering and overall strategery. More than anything, the key to winning this level is sending SCVs with your diamondbacks, that way you don’t lose many diamondbacks when they attack the trains (the SCVs can repair mechanical vehicles).

The first train is sent unescorted, so it is an easy kill.

The second train comes frmo the Western tunnel (lower left). It has a minimal escort group. Make sure your men are sent together to kill the escorts first and then derail the train.

After the second train, a very minor attack on your base is initiated. Don’t worry about it…just have some men kill the attackers.

The third train comes from the south again (a bit lower to the left). Escorts are limited.

After the third train, the Dominion build bunkers along the tracks. Try to kill them before they build these defenses. The third train itself is not much more difficult than the second.

After the third train, the Dominion send in another force. Have a bunker prepared or else you’ll waste men/lose resources defending this attack.

The fourth dominion train gets trickier since it has a larger escort and the escort has more anti-aircraft. This is when it becomes more and more important to send SCVs with your diamondbacks so your force keeps growing and growing as the mission continues.

Eventually, the Dominion will send a Marauder team to patrol the map. You do not need to kill the marauder team to beat the level (though it is an extra achievement). In fact, if your goal is to beat the level, avoiding the Marauder team is the key to winning.