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We have a collection below of all of the fan music we’ve had sent in over the years. It’s all organized by alphabetical order and has listings of the file formats.

There’s a lot of cool work below, so take some time and check them out. Or come up with your own and send it in. We’ll credit you on the site like we did with those below.

StarCraft Fan Music

Name Format Submitted by/Made by
Advisor’s Mix
Re][gN A weird song with voices of the Starcraft advisors.
Arbiter Aria
.mp3 SirNick5 Cool Arbiter song.
Archon Eyes StarCraft Techno
.mp3 Daknit
Cool song with lots of Archon voices. POWER SURGE.
Attack On A Protoss base .mp3 Ruphfus
Lots of attacking sounds from a battle.
Beethoven Virus SC Mix .mp3 pazzkat A StarCraft song made for Dance Dance Revolution games.
Brood War Bash .mp3 Daknit
Techno song using only Brood War unit voices. This is not WarCraft in space. Catchy.
Brood War Intro .mp3 Blizzard The background music at a part of the intro movie for Brood War.
Explorer Reporting .mp3 SirNick5 The essence of a Science Vessel. Uses only Sci Vessel unit sounds. By the way, the voice is Harry Shearer, known for Monty Burns on The Simpsons.
F-U-N (SC Mix) .mp3 Enter_The_Citrix A very weird mix combining the Spongebob song and StarCraft unit sounds.
Firebat Funk .mp3 Katrina
Funk with a touch of Firebat.
For Adun .mp3 N/A
Rhythm with Protoss unit sounds.
Frau Valkyrie .mp3 Daknit
Whose your mommy? A Valkyrie song.
Get (Blown) Up .mp3 magoo Adds SC sounds to the song 2nd Thoughts by Mushroomhead
Half Life vs. StarCraft .mp3 N/A
Half Life Meets StarCraft with sounds from both games.
Here We Go .mp3 djtp Electronica Music with StarCraft sounds.
I Quit StarCraft .mp3 War887 Warning: Explicit Lyrics. A rap about playing StarCraft on
I am Zerg! .mp3 N/A Infested Kerrigan and Infested Terran singing about being Zerg.
Indiscriminate Justice .mp3 N/A Funky sound with Terran voices.
Intel Protoss Mix .mp3 ShimmerScale
Techno/Trance with many different SC sounds.
KoRn – Thoughtless .mp3 RagingDemon_59 Warning: Explicit Lyrics. Contains a lot of SC Unit sounds.
Lost Transmissions .mp3 Re][gN Techno Song with SC Unit Sounds.
Major Malfunction
.mp3 Cheesy7000 Warning: Explicit Lyrics. Techno/Trance with a bunch of SC sounds mixed in.
Metallica – One
.mp3 FF_Seifer The song by Metallica remixed with SC sounds.
Million Miles Away
.mp3 Bultar
Sent in by one of our forum members, The Offspring’s song remixed with unit sounds in it.
Mission Zerg Destruction .wma IN*FER*NO*
Condition Zero, Half Life, and StarCraft sounds combine.
More Overlords .mp3 ShimmeringScale
SPAWN MORE OVERLORDS. A Long song with a bunch of SC sounds in it.
Nuclear Launch Detected .mp3 Brian Jay
Techno song about everyone’s favorite attack.
Play That Funky Music Terran Boy .mp3 Chaosbte More Funk with more SC unit sounds.
Prodigy – Minefields .wma Brrnout StarCraft techno Remix of the song by Prodigy.
Radio Free Zerg .mp3 Blizzard We all know this one. Type in “Radio Free Zerg” in a Brood War game while playing as Zerg to hear it. Or better yet, just download it here.
Rammstein – Du Hast .mp3 FF_Seifer
The song is remixed with SC unit sounds in it.
Snappei SC Mix .mp3 Enter_The_Citrix
Uhh. Weird German song with SC Unit sounds.
Sonata Arctic – My Land .mp3 Commander_Vega
A nice remix of the song with sounds from StarCraft units put in.
South Park Meets StarCraft .mp3 N/A Warning: Explicit Lyrics. This is what happens when South Park meets StarCraft. Mix of voices from both.
StarCraft Atomic Dance Explosion .mp3 N/A A fast beat techno song with lots of SC unit sounds in it. Pretty cool one.
StarCraft Axel-f Remix .wav ~Black Vampire~
Weird remix with SC voices.
StarCraft Started .mp3 Bultar Takes the song Lets Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas and adds in SC Sounds.
StarCraft Techno Observer Mix .mp3 ShimmeringScale A short techno using Observer sounds to keep up the beat. Loops well.
StarCraft Terran Theme (Electro Mix) .mp3 Ravloo
A cool electro version of the Terran Theme. It features RajStar on a distortion guitar.
Terran Wannabe .mp3 N/A I want to be all I can be. A song about the Terran Civillian.
The Twelve Days of X-Mas StarCraft Edition .mp3 Blizzard
A funny StarCraft song with different units singing about what they got from Blizzard for Christmas.
The Expendable Marines .mp3 ShimmeringScale
A song with lots of Marine sounds in it.
Who Are You .mp3 Re][gN Another Techno song. This one has a lot of Terran in it, and Duran.
With Marines
Brett Moore & Daknit
A Weird one with lots of unit voices in it.
Zerg Theme 1
.mp3 Dragonhuman The Zerg theme music.
Zerg Anti-Christ
.mp3 magoo
A remix of the song Christ Infektion by Narcosis Project.
Zerg Must Die! .mp3 FF_Seifer
A remix of the Terran Theme.
Zergstein .mp3 ShimmeringScale A rock song with SC Unit sounds thrown in.

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