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StarCraft – Melee Maps

Have a file you want to submit? Send it to me and I’ll give you the credit if I post it up!

Note: Please be sure you read and agree to the disclaimer before downloading any files!

Melee Maps

Map Name
Fastfood Nice rush map! 2 StarCraft 64×64
Close Quarters A good map for any kind of 1on1. 2 StarCraft 96×96
Nightmare Battle A very good 2 player map – Sent in by Mewtwo789! (and seems to be from Mapmaker’s StarCraft Domain =) ) 2 Brood War 96×64
Spirit Temple Kinda like 1v1 Lost Temple. – Submitted by LazyMercy(BW) 2 StarCraft 96×96
Troubled War A good 1v1 mucho money map. – Submitted by BFC19 2 StarCraft 96×96
Black Hunters A pretty big 1v1 map. – Submitted by Host_RMADILLO2 2 StarCraft 128×128
Money Maze A funny map where minerals make up a maze that lead to your opponent. – Submitted by BFC19 2 StarCraft 64×64
ExiMap 01 “2000″ A basic 2 player map; kinda small though. – Submitted by Extract 2 StarCraft 64×64
Centrality A 1v1 map with a large resource field in the center. – Submitted by Deathscythe1911 2 Brood War 128×128
Mineral Block The only thing separating you and your opponent are minerals. – Submitted by tktkvroom 2 Brood War 96×64
The Grudge Semi-big money map. Nothing to do with the movie of the same name. – Submitted by tktkvroom 2 StarCraft 96×96
Stretch Like the name implies, it’s a long, narrow map. – Submitted by Sterrence 2 Brood War 64×192
The Arena A long narrow corridor separates you and your opponent. – Submitted by Mrtonymeister 2 Brood War 64×192
Space Invaders A cramped map with some weird expansions. – Submitted by ~King Nazzy*- 2 StarCraft 192×256
High Noon The sun is high in the sky, the heat bearing down upon this scorched desert. Ensure that by sunset, all that remains of your opponent will be dust and echoes. – Submitted by ZergSwarms 2 Brood War 128×128
Four Slavers A 3 player map with only 1 expansion. – Submitted by LazyMercy(BW) 3 Brood War 128×128
Roads of Victory A 3 player map with all 3 starting at the top, and working down until the paths meet. – Submitted by sterrence 3 StarCraft 128×128
Frag Attack 4 player fraggin’ action! 4 Brood War 96×96
Big Game Fraggers Big money version of Frag Attack. 4 Brood War 96×96
Blood Bath 5 Good big money version of Blood Bath – Sent in by MachoBeast! 4 StarCraft 96×96
Bridge to Death A nice even 4 player big money map. – Submitted by azndude 4 StarCraft 128×128
Fabian’s Small Map A very small map used to get cheap 3on1 comp wins. – Submitted by Fabian 4 Brood War 64×64
Five Dimond Race A huge 4 player map with many doodads and expansions. – Submitted by Swooper 4 StarCraft 192×192
$$$Snaykke’s MONEY$$$ A really LONG 4 player mucho money map. – Submitted by MITYM 4 Brood War 128×64
Extreme Blood Bath Blood Bath with mucho money. – Submitted by PY7133 4 StarCraft 64×64
Battler of the War A huge 4 player mucho money map in the snow tileset. – Submitted by Clumistar 4 Brood War 64×64
$$-VaLLeY oF SouLs-$$ A 4 player mucho money map. – Submitted by Am pM HooDluM 4 StarCraft 128×128
2v2 Shared Bases 2v2 instead of 3v3 shared bases, which means more room and expansions. – Submitted by Marco Lujan 4 Brood War 96×96
Patchway to Prosperity A map with not many starting resources, but more on the crossways. – Submitted by DHxTwIsTeDhydra 4 StarCraft 128×128
Mineral Central A map that is covered in minerals, so it is hard to do ground attacks. – Submitted by freedom_boy75 4 StarCraft 128×128
Space Shot Madness Kinda like Lost Temple. – Submitted by SpaceShot 4 StarCraft 128×128
Crossfire A crazy 4 player map with not much room. – Submitted by LiMpXzXzXzBizkit 4 Brood War 96×96
Dead End A cool map that is like a huge maze. – Submitted by nemtoad 4 StarCraft 192×192
Vision of Twilight v1.50 A nice balanced map. Although it’s not a big money map, it has more minerals that usual. – Submitted by Player_Remover 4 Brood War 128×128
Desert Straights A semi-big money four player map. – Submitted by FF_Seifer 4 Brood War 192×128
Fastest 4-way Ever A nice, symmetrical four player fastest-money map. – Submitted by The Human Stick 4 Brood War 96×96
Battle Room 4-player melee map with a lot of bridges. Cramped starting areas, but plenty of places to expand your base. – Submitted by Andrew Keohane 4 StarCraft 128×128
The Lost Temple $$$ A fastest-money version of Lost Temple. – Submitted by SilentKiller126 4 StarCraft 128×128
Deserted Temple A modified version of The Lost Temple in the desert tileset. – Submitted by Vmaps 4 Brood War 128×128
Abandoned Dreams A small 4 player island map in the space tileset. – Submitted by Vmaps 4 Brood War 96×96
Boang Turf Two titans clashed years ago leaving a scarred battle field. Who will claim it as their homeland? – Submitted by justin_yoo 4 StarCraft 128×128
Hilltop Valley A normal money map with some pretty rugged terrain. Submitted by zergswarms. 4 StarCraft 128×128
Pool Table A jungle based map that uses ore for the borders and gas for the pockets. Submitted by Hukeyohi. 4 StarCraft 128×64
Resource Islands A map full of islands filled with resources, all of the islands are attached via bridge (with an exception to a few). Submitted by Hukeyohi. 4 StarCraft 128×128
Won’t You Be My Neighbor A map that has teams extremely close to each other but flying is necessary to reach them. Submitted by Hukeyohi. 4 StarCraft 128×128
Serenity One of my favorite maps. Players are in either corner of the map and I think it is beautifuly designed. Submitted by Hukeyohi. 4 StarCraft 128×128
CrissCross A very good map for fast action. It is rather crammed but the opportunities for espionage and tactical attacks are endless due to its unique terrain. Submitted by Hukeyohi. 4 StarCraft 96×96
Pathways of Fate Which path is yours? Submitted by Suudsu2200. 4 StarCraft 128×128
Falters Wave A pretty cool 5 player big money map. – Submitted by Clumistar 5 StarCraft 128×128
Superstar Attack opponents by going through the star in the middle. 6 StarCraft 192×192
Big Game Superstars Big money version of Superstar. 6 StarCraft 192×192
3v3 Shared Bases Best Map The best 3v3 Shared Bases map. Get it now. 6 StarCraft 128×128
The Cursed Earth A big maze-like 6 player map. – Submitted by marc crichelle ti[fiver] 6 StarCraft 128×256
Fossil Ultimate 3v3 A 3v3 shared bases map where there are 5 mineral patches right next to the start location. – Submitted by Zeolot 6 Brood War 128×128
3v3 Shared SD.1 Another 3v3 shared bases map…the isthmus is in a pretty weird position though. – Submitted by [SD]ZeRo_Co0L 6 StarCraft 128×128
Shared Bases [A.N.]ver1.5 A cool 3v3 shared bases map. – Submitted by [A.N.]FroDogg 6 StarCraft 128×128
3v3 Shared Bases Sand Trap A cool 3v3 shared bases map with 3 entrances and good resource placement. – Submitted by Yawgmoth(DL) 6 Brood War 128×128
Desert Compound A pretty even 6 player map. – Submitted by JulZ hunterZ 6 StarCraft 96×96
Kill by Flight A 6 player mucho money island map. – Submitted by Kcp51981 6 StarCraft 128×128
[The Generate Maps (TGM)] A 6 shared bases map where the bases are lined vertically. – Submitted by snike007 6 Broodwar 128×128
Relayer A 3v3 tvb map where one player on each team starts on an island, and the others are connected to only one opponent. – Submitted by maximumdan 6 StarCraft 192×128
3v3 Zero Clutter 2oo5 A 3v3 shared bases map with lots of minerals and lots of room. – Submitted by StreeTs101 6 Brood War 128×128
Space Maze A crazy big money 7 player map arranged in a huge maze. – Submitted by Evil.Zerg.USA 7 StarCraft 192×192
Ultimate Hunters A kick-pompis big money 8 player map in the twilight tileset. Made by me! 8 Brood War 128×128
Blue Night Seoul This map is VERY popular. – Sent in by Skooshy22! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Battle Zone A pretty cool mucho money map. – Sent in by Spike! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Area 51 BGH on stimpack. – Sent in by Mewtwo789! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Beyond BGH Hey, there’s something fishy about this BGH…. – Sent in my MachoBeast! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Blood Bath Ultra A very freakish semi-big money 8 player Blood Bath map. – Sent in by MachoBeast! 8 StarCraft 192×96
Forts 1.5 A really big and cool map…I like it! 8 StarCraft 128×192
World of Darkness A very big 8 player big money map. – Sent in by Mewtwo789! 8 Brood War 192×192
Turbo Islands A $$$ island map…bases are too close too each other and too far away from resources, but still pretty cool. – Submitted by TurboCharger 8 StarCraft 128×128
AC Hunters An excellent 8 player mucho money map. – Sent in by Captain Morgan 8 StarCraft 128×128
Micro Ice Hunters I don’t know why it’s called micro, it’s not small at all. – Sent in by MachoBeast! 8 Brood War 128×128
Desert Dead Zone A cool twisty desert map! – Sent in by Thrasher! 8 Brood War 128×128
In the Heat of Battle A weird island map…with lava instead of water! – Sent in by Thrasher! 8 Brood War 128×128
Sniper Shoot 8 player map where there are cliffs to attack from. – Submitted by Clumistar! 8 StarCraft 128×256
Korea A huge 4v4 shared bases map. – Submitted by Tomcat! 8 Brood War 256×256
Best Map Ever A typical 8 player 128×128 mucho money map. – Submitted by azndude! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Aiur Battlefields-Highland A cool 8 player mucho money map. – Submitted by azndude! 8 StarCraft 128×128
Minions of Hell Playground Duh…another 8 player $$$ map Pretty cool. – Submitted by Spike! 8 StarCraft 128×128
New Ice Hunters Another version of mucho money Hunters. – Submitted by ][)S~DarK_AiuR 8 Brood War 128x128
Anti Zerg Hunters A cool version of Hunters that makes the Zerg creep not show up...and it's not even UMS! Good if you want to trick Zerg players, lol. - Submitted by StimmedTemplar 8 StarCraft 128x128
SD Money An 8 player $$$ map where you start RIGHT NEXT to 9 mineral patches. - Submitted by Mike 8 StarCraft 128x128
Red Hunter A tiny 8 player mucho money map...very little room. - Submitted by Richard 8 StarCraft 64x64
2v2v2v2 Shared Bases Just what the name says.... - Submitted by [Ew]dash 8 StarCraft 128×128
NXTMoney Another 2v2v2v2 shared bases map. – Submitted by John Arnold (NXT714) 8 StarCraft 96×96
Fastest Map Ever One of the most popular maps on bnet. – Submitted by Steve 8 StarCraft 128×128
[e1]Almighty’s Special Map A cool 8 player mucho money map. – Submitted by [E1]ALMIGHTY 8 StarCraft 128×128
Smallest Map, Temples Included A really tiny 8 player mucho money map. – Submitted by Ocarina654 8 StarCraft 64×64
Kick@$$ Faster Map A “fastest” map where there are even more mineral fields surrounding your start location, and a couple geysers as well. – Submitted by xollst 8 StarCraft 128×128
$$ Sigma $$ A nice 8 player map…definetely NOT for Zerg players. – Submitted by Sigma 8 StarCraft 128×128
Anoat A very small 8 player map. – Submitted by LiMpXzXzXzBizkit 8 Brood War 64×64
Star Hunter The Death Isle A $$$ map with 3 entrances to a base. – Submitted by darkdarkdude69 8 Brood War 128×128
World Hunters A nice even 8 mucho money map. – Submitted by darkdarkdude69 8 StarCraft 128×128
BGH Islands It’s BGH with islands. – Submitted by NULLTARGET 8 StarCraft 128×128
Final Battle A $$$ map with an annoying hill in the middle. – Submitted by Skooshy22 8 StarCraft 128×128
$$4v4 Shared Bases 2001$$ A big shared bases map. – Submitted by S�mal Petur Joensen 8 StarCraft 192×128
Perfect Hunter v1.02 There are some minerals at each entrance, so you have to dig your way out. – Submitted by Cold Blood Leader(k-o-t-r) 8 StarCraft 128×128
Bridge to Bridge ’03 A huge maze-like map that could make for some interesting games. – Submitted by Suck_My_**** 8 StarCraft 256×256
Triforce Gathering A huge money map with only one expansion. – Submitted by Tassadarmaster 8 StarCraft 256×256
4v4 Zero Clutter A 4v4 fast money shared bases map. – Submitted by c.l.i.t[ad]r 8 StarCraft 128×128
Killing Spree II A huge 8 player island map with lots of money. – Submitted by Heavy353 8 Brood War 256×256
Ice Straits A semi-big money map in the Ice tileset. – Submitted by [Red]Serpent 8 Brood War 192×192
Tic Tac Death Wall A huge eight player map shaped like a tic tac toe board. – Submitted by geeks_pocket 8 Brood War 256×256
k]o[L-FaStEsT jUnGlE A crazy looking fastest money map. - Submitted by j_yoshi1988 8 StarCraft 128x128
Planet Kadi V3 A huge 8 player map where the only expansion is a bunch of resources in the middle. - Submitted by mrduck1997 8 Brood War 256x256
BGH Pitbull 2 A big, slightly rectangular money map. - Submitted by RobertInPCMO 8 StarCraft 192x256
Fastest Possible Map Highlands A fastest possible money island map. - Submitted by Newbkiler[SWxG] 8 StarCraft 128×128
BIG zero clutter A huge zero clutter map with a tiny chokepoint. – Submitted by Hunter-wolf 8 Brood War 256×256
Twilight Arena A big 8 player map that can be played in UMS mode to give the bases an “X” distribution. – Submitted by BeowulfX 8 Brood War 256×256
NS[FastestGoon] A “fastest” map. – Submitted by ns[goon] 8 StarCraft 128×128
Skillz Holy Jabroni, it’s the Skillz map itself. Use it to get cheap 7on1 wins against HUMANS! And it’s MELEE! Only catch is that you gotta use Terran, and not build an SCV at the start. Then fly away…. 8 Brood War 64×64
BlizzCon Map Collection A collection of five BlizzCon maps. All are 2 player maps except for one 4 player map. – Submitted by Caleb. - - -

Popular Maps

These are currently some of the more popular melee maps played on

Map Name
Lost Temple Gamei A popular Lost Temple map that is supposed to be more fair than the original. 4 StarCraft 128×128
Luna v2.1 A popular map in the Twilight tileset. Kinda like Lost Temple. 4 Brood War 128×128
3v3 Zero Clutter A 3v3 shared bases map with minerals and gas right next to your starting point. Starting mineral stack has 20 mineral fields. 6 StarCraft 128×128
2v2 Zero Clutter A 2v2 version of Zero Clutter with 30 mineral fields at the starting stack. 6 StarCraft 96×128
Fastest Possible Map Ever Currently the most popular map on Tons of minerals and gas are right next to your base. Starting mineral stack has 50 mineral fields. 8 StarCraft 128×128

Have a file you want to submit? Send it to me and I’ll give you the credit if I post it up!

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