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Old 03-22-2005
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My starforge suddenly stopped working and for some reason I can't figure out how to download it again.

I uninstall my previous version of starforge, download the starforge zip folder from this site, extract it to starcraft file, and have no idea what else to do since there is not readme file explaining what to do.
I've tried the setup file but once it installs and I click on the starforge icon, it says I'm most likely missing "stardat.mpq" Even when I drag stardat.mpq into the same folder as all the starforge content, it keeps saying it can't find the file.

I need starforge to make maps so like information on how to install as soon as possible.
Old 03-22-2005
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get scm draft of sumthing, i cant solve that. the same thing happened to me, but for scm draft. starforge allways works properly for me
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Old 03-22-2005
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can u create square terrain with scm draft? and if not can someone recommend an editor besides starforge that does?
Old 03-24-2005
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with scmdraft, yes u can, but it doesnt run as smoothly.
Old 03-24-2005
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All I can suggest is reinstall it. I've only gotten one error with it, but it's not too great an editor anyhow. Honestly, I prefer SCXE's Base, Special, and P12 modes over StarForge or SCM Draft 2. The only thing I'd use StarForge for is protecting my map and changing player colors.

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