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    You must agree to everything on this page in order to download any files on this site. By downloading anything on this site, you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to this disclaimer.

    The files on this site are free to download for anyone who wishes to do so. User registration is not required and there are no quotas or bandwidth caps. But please do not abuse the downloads section of this site. For example, don’t download the same file multiple times, and don’t have an excessive number of downloads active at the same time. Anyone found to be abusing the downloads section will have their IP address banned from accessing this site.

    To download anything, click on the name of the file and select “Save this file to disk”. Click “OK” and select some place on your computer to save it do. Click “Save” and the download will start.

    All files on this site are legal and have been freely distributed by their authors.

    Most files on this site are zipped (have a .zip extension), so you may need an unzipping program. You can download one at Winzip.com (for Windows only).

    I am not responsible for anything you download. Everything you download is your responsibility. As far as I know, everything is virus free. If any of the files harm your computer in any way, I cannont be held responsible for that. I will look into the problem and try to solve it, but it is not this fault if anything happens to your computer. Always run a virus scan on everything you download.

    If you agree to this disclaimer, please feel free to download anything on this site. If you do not, then do not download anything. If you download any files, I will automatically assume that you have read and agreed to this disclaimer.