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  • CreepColony Forums Shut down – Where to meet

    Hey everyone. While a lot of us have kept in touch you may be wondering what has been going around here for the last 5 years. The answer is simple: The site is more or less abandoned. I was trying to keep up with posting but my browser wasn’t working with the editor and in short I wasn’t able to post any more. At some point the forums were closed, and a lot of nothing has been going on since then.

    I wish everyone the best who is still checking out things around here. I tried to do some updates when I logged into the wordpress and it screwed up the theme but everything else seems to be in tact.

    So the main reason I’m posting this is sort that forum members who may stop by here can find each other if they don’t already have a way to connect with us.

    You can most easily find us on Steam in the Steam Group CreepColony. From there I can direct you to people whose info I know and game clans and clients that we use to communicate.

    This will be the last time I will be posting on CreepColony. I’ve been a fan of this site and of StarCraft since almost the beginning (I’ve been hanging around for over 13 years on the forums) and while it is odd to be revisiting and moving on for good, it is for the best.

    Best wishes everyone!

    From Quelex, Reap This Whirlwind, and Suck My Wang.

  • Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 15

    Reap here with Beta Patch 15 notes from Blizzard’s forum.


    * Improved the system that handles initial placement and promotion/relegation between Leagues & Ladders.

    Balance Changes

    * TERRAN

    o Hellion

    + Weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 1 (+1 Light) to 1.

    o Reaper

    + Nitro Packs research cost decreased from 100/100 to 50/50.

    o Siege Tank

    + Siege Mode damage decreased from 60 to 50.

    o Thor

    + Anti-air weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 1 (+1 Light) to 1.

    * ZERG

    o Brood Lord

    + Weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 3 to 2.


  • SC2 Beta Patch #13 is out!

    Patch 13 is now out for the SC2 beta and man, there are a  ton of changes, both to battle.net and the units.  Here’s what’s new/changed:


    • Map Publishing is now enabled: Using the map editor, you can upload your custom maps to share with the Battle.net community.
    • Facebook feature is integrated: Here’s a quick way to expand your social network by seeing who among your existing Facebook friends also has a Battle.net account.
    • 3v3 and 4v4 formats are now enabled.
    • Numerous updates have been made to the Leagues & Ladders system:
      • Removed Copper League and added Diamond League above Platinum League.
      • Player ratings start at 0, rather than 1000.
      • No longer displays loading screen odds in placement or practice league matches.
      • Matchmaking system logic updated.
    • UDP is enabled to help improve game performance.
    • Numerous performance and stability improvements.

    Balance Changes

      • Sentry
        • Force Fields can now be destroyed by Massive ground units walking over them.
      • Void Ray
        • Range decreased from 7 to 6.
      • Warp Gate
        • Subgroup selection priority changed from 2 to 3 so that it takes priority over Gateways when selected.

    • TERRAN
      • Marine
        • Stimpack research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.
        • Combat Shield research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.

    • ZERG
      • Infestor
        • Infested Terran spell removed.
        • Frenzy spell added:
          • Costs 25 energy.
          • Targets a single biological unit which deals 25% more damage and is immune to snare, stuns, and mind control for 30 seconds.
      • Overseer
        • Contaminate spell added:
          • Costs 75 energy.
          • Targets a single enemy structure which cannot train units or research upgrades for 30 seconds.
        • Infested Terran spell added:
          • Costs 125 energy.
          • Infested Terrans have the same stats as those previously created by the Infestor and are placed directly under the Overseer when spawned.
      • Ultralisk
        • Life decreased from 600 to 450.
        • Damage changed from 25 to 15 (+25 Armored).
        • Damage versus structures increased from 60 to 75.

    Hotkey Changes (English Only):

    • Zerg Set Worker Rally Point changed from R to G.
    • Zerg Spore Crawler changed from W to A to avoid conflict with the Select All Warp Gates hotkey.

    Battle.net Interface

    • Revamped summary pages for player Profiles and Leagues & Ladders.
    • Added a Help system with tech trees and other tips and tricks.
    • Removed identifier from the character naming process and added the ability to refer friends for invitation into your party or lobby.
    • Updated the Battle.net user interface to consistently use a nested menu system.
    • Added in-game blocking and player muting.

    Out of all the changes that took place here, the infested terran ability being used by the overseer blows my mind the most.  I really don’t see the reason to remove it from the infestor, but at least it’ll make the overseer a bit more useful now.

    For the Blizzard official patch notes, go here:  http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=23094049316&postId=250240003971&sid=5000#16

  • SC2 Beta Patch #8 released and Whatnot

    Hey there all! It looks as though blizzard released another patch for the SC2 Beta.  Here are the changes:


    • Korea:
    • Added support to display the game rating information on the login screen.

    Balance Changes

    • TERRAN:
      • Thor:
        • Build time decreased from 75 seconds to 60 seconds.
      • Siege Tank:
        • Build time decreased from 50 seconds to 45 seconds.
      • Marauder:
        • Concussive Shells now require an upgrade.
      • Barracks Tech Lab:
        • Concussive Shells upgrade added.
        • Concussive Shells upgrade costs 100/100 and takes 80 seconds to complete.
    • PROTOSS:
      • Void Ray:
        • Changed to only have 2 damage levels instead of 3. Still takes the same amount of time to fully charge.
        • Base damage changed from 2 (+4 armored) to 5.
        • Powered-up damage changed from 8 (+16 armored) to 10 (+15 armored).
        • Armor value decreased from 1 to 0.
        • Cost increased from 200/150 to 250/150.
    • ZERG:
      • Roach:
        • Burrowed move speed decreased from 2 to 1.4.
        • Armor value decreased from 2 to 1.
      • Hydralisk:
        • Life decreased from 90 to 80.

    For the official patch notes, go here:


    Also, the Escapist has come out with issue 248, where they look back on Starcraft and some of the great moments they had playing the game.  Check it out!