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Blizzard Custom Maps; April & May’s Poll

Blizzard officially released three of the four Custom Maps they announced at Blizzcon for SCII.

Aiur Chef is a game where you have three rounds to compete against the other players, gathering ingredients across the map and fighting each. The person who nets the most points from making the most recipes wins. The voice acting in this one is pretty damn funny.

StarJeweled is a puzzle/tug of war game. The screen is divided in two, with StarCraft units battling it out on the left, and a puzzle game on the right. You need to switch pieces around while forming chains of 3 or more pieces in order to gain energy, which can be spent on more powerful units and for casting spells.

Left 2 Die is the last one that has been released at this time. It is essentially the campaign mission Outbreak, but with some stronger enemies and an another player slot for an ally.

The last unreleased map is StarCraft II Defense of The Ancients (DoTA, as it’s known on WarCraft III), which will be a team game that pits heroes from Blizzard games against eachother in a hack and slash RPG nature.

Interestingly, the first 3 maps mentioned above which have been released have a new incentive to get players to try them out: Achievements. There’s a ton of achievement points to be racked up playing these custom games. There’s also 3 new Portraits:

You can earn the Zealot Chef from Aiur Chef by making each of the three recipes each round (Easy way to do this is to play with a friend.). Ornatus is earned from StarJeweled by casting the spell Healing Wave enough times to have healed 3,000 HP in one game (You can do this by playing against a friend or an easy computer. If you feel your units are overpowering them, Psi Storm your own units to keep the game going.). And the last portrait is the Stank (Sorry, I haven’t earned it just yet), which is a “Special Infected” from the Left 2 Die map. You need to kill one without losing any units (People recommend Siege tanks behind a Planetary Fortress wall.). Good Luck!

Since we’re in the middle of April already our newest Poll will run until the end of May.

The results of our old poll are below.

How do you feel about the Custom Maps available on

  • Impressed by the quality. (27%)
  • Impressed with quality and number. (20%)
  • Disappointed with the number of maps. (18%)
  • Indifferent. (14%)
  • Disappointed with quality and number. (13%)
  • Disappointed with the quality. (6%)
  • Impressed by the number of maps. (2%)

Total Votes: 71

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I’m glad people have been enjoying the maps on there. There are a lot of fun ones that I’m impressed with too.

Our newest poll asks which Blizzard Custom Map you like that most.

Which is your favorite Blizzard Custom Map?

  • Left 2 Die (56%)
  • StarJeweled (33%)
  • Aiur Chef (11%)

Total Votes: 35

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