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Screen Shot & Poll of the Month (August 8th 2010)

We haven’t done this in a while and I had some free time so here it is. Here are your poll results from May about the release date:

Do you think the July 27th 2010 Release Date will be pushed back?

  • No. (55%)
  • Yes. (45%)

Total Votes: 371

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Pretty close given Blizzard’s track record of delaying games.

Our newest poll is now up!

How do you like the Campaign of Wings of Liberty?

  • I love it! (66%)
  • I like it. (30%)
  • I dislike it. (3%)
  • I hate it! (1%)

Total Votes: 203

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And our Screen shot this month is below.

Screenshot by PuppetMaster.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Update: Patch 1.0.2

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where campaign mission victories would not always trigger properly.
– Fixed an issue where some players were unable to access single-player features.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Update: Patch 1.0.1

Bug Fixes

– Campaign saves have been optimized.
– Fixed an issue with sound not playing on some 7.1 systems.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Release Tonight

Hey everybody,

Well the day is upon us finally. Tonight at midnight, there are plenty of places (Gamestops for example) that will be holding midnight launches of SCIIWoL.

We hope you all enjoy the game! We hope to see you on there too. If you want some people to play with you can always make some friends in the forums here at CC.

We will be getting new content out soonish. Summer is a hard time to get work on the site done. But we are planning on a patch notes page, SCII maps page, and of course, updating our unit pages. There’s plenty more work that needs to be done, and information that we want you to know. Again, the forums here at CC are a great resource because there are plenty of people who lurk around (Not so much posting in the last few days :p ) who are there to help. Much faster than waiting for the site to get updated by 3 guys on a volunteer basis.

At any rate, we are all very excited here at CreepColony to get on with our new game. We will see you there. If you have anything (Maps, Screen Shots, etc) to submit, just join the forums and post it up and we’ll get it on the site and credit you.

And most importantly let us know how you like the game. It’s been over a decade, hell it’s about time.


StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty Trailer and Commercial

Here are two new videos from Blizzard for the release of SCII in 4 days!

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