• CreepColony Forums Shut down – Where to meet

    Hey everyone. While a lot of us have kept in touch you may be wondering what has been going around here for the last 5 years. The answer is simple: The site is more or less abandoned. I was trying to keep up with posting but my browser wasn’t working with the editor and in short I wasn’t able to post any more. At some point the forums were closed, and a lot of nothing has been going on since then.

    I wish everyone the best who is still checking out things around here. I tried to do some updates when I logged into the wordpress and it screwed up the theme but everything else seems to be in tact.

    So the main reason I’m posting this is sort that forum members who may stop by here can find each other if they don’t already have a way to connect with us.

    You can most easily find us on Steam in the Steam Group CreepColony. From there I can direct you to people whose info I know and game clans and clients that we use to communicate.

    This will be the last time I will be posting on CreepColony. I’ve been a fan of this site and of StarCraft since almost the beginning (I’ve been hanging around for over 13 years on the forums) and while it is odd to be revisiting and moving on for good, it is for the best.

    Best wishes everyone!

    From Quelex, Reap This Whirlwind, and Suck My Wang.

  • Screen Shot & Poll of the Month (August 8th 2010)

    We haven’t done this in a while and I had some free time so here it is. Here are your poll results from May about the release date:

    Do you think the July 27th 2010 Release Date will be pushed back?

    • No. (55%)
    • Yes. (45%)

    Total Votes: 371

    Loading ... Loading ...

    Pretty close given Blizzard’s track record of delaying games.

    Our newest poll is now up!

    How do you like the Campaign of Wings of Liberty?

    • I love it! (66%)
    • I like it. (30%)
    • I dislike it. (3%)
    • I hate it! (1%)

    Total Votes: 203

    Loading ... Loading ...

    And our Screen shot this month is below.

    Screenshot by PuppetMaster.